"Bell Cycle" - Kristin Miltner
"Wurukaduwai" - Musicians of Nigeria
"Lord Death's Counting Song" - Shoko Ashara
"Bansri (Tranverse Flute)" - Yaman
"Funky Thing (Pt I)" - Larry Ellis and Black Hammer
"Three" - Quetzolcoatl
"Optical Flow" - Rafael Toral
"Woven Processional" - Ellen Fullman
"Crystal Waters" - Moolah
"Thaw" - Mitchell Akiyama
"Virus Attachment 1" - Fe-Mail
"Aria (excerpt)" - Cage / Monk
"A Loss of Consciousness" - Bley-Peacock
"Nr. 7" - Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink
"Jungle Love" - J Dilla
"Sun is Apart No. 1" - Pelt
"Brindavan Revel" - Ananda Shankar
"Syrian Music from the Nassau Ave Deli"
"New York Ten" - The Boxhead Ensemble
"Vibrational Match" - Marnie Stern
"Somebody in the World for You" - The Mighty Hannibal
"Lo Fat Diet" - Fridge
"Sita Ram" - Alice Coltrane
"Eve of Destruction" - Bishop Allen
"Untitled 3522" - Kim Jung Mi
"Anomia" - Anderegg
"Blow" - Spank Rock and Amanda Blank
"Never Tell You (Version)" - Rhythm and Sound
"Cold Sweat" - The Upsetters
"This Is How We Walk On The Moon" - Arthur Russell
"Biscuits (feat. Trife)" - Ghostface Killah
"Than Shin Ley Ye Khan" - Saing Saing Maw
"As Long As I Can Hold My Breath (excerpt)" – Akira Rabelais
"Mi Ting Deh" – Lady Saw
"Track 1" – Ashis Mahaparta
"Gadis Ayu" – Ariesta Birawa Group
"Freedom Towards Death" - Growing
"Elegia" – SCSI-9
"Untitled" – Richard Youngs / Simon Wickham-Smith
"Cycles (Excerpt)" – Terre Thamelitz
"Otsotsi" – George Sibanda
“Fâne” – Gel
"Skylark Herald's Dawn" – James Blackshaw
"Anna Blume" - Kurt Schwitters
“My White Bicycle” – Tomorrow
"Kaleidoscope" - Kaleidoscope
“Your Hand” – Explosions in the Sky
“Granite” – Lurker of Chalice
“Boy With The Arab Strap” – Belle and Sebastian
“Trios Gymnopedies – No. 1” – Erik Satie
“Luna Discotheque” – Tower Recordings
“Reconstruction” - Matmos
“The Empress and the Ukraine King” – Can
“You Gotta Come A Little Closer” – Soul Brothers Six
“NR. 6” – Brotzmann / Bennik
“Ode to Joy / To Hell With It” – Frank O'Hara
"Villa PS-1822 (A Song For P)" - Sebastien Roux
"Hicc Up" - DJ Koze
“Last Song” – Carter Tanton
“Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit” – Popol Vuh
“"Musique Promenade A 1" - Luc Ferrari
"Introduction” - Earth
“Soft Bullets” – Andrew Thomas
“Side A" - Black Dice / Wolf Eyes
“Descarga Criolla” – Ray Barretto
“With Every Breath” – Lamont B. Steptoe
“Highlights of Clues” – rebuilthangartheory
"Hands On The Controls" - Coachwhips
“You Are 16, I Am High” – OCS
“I Am a Slut” – Zeigenbock Kopf
"[Untitled]" – Landed
“Puddles of Acid Parts 1 and 2” – Pink and Brown
"The Sky's The Ground, The Bombs Are Plants, And We're The Sun, Love” – Storm and Stress
“Egyptian Rosemarie” – Skygreen Leopards
“Cause for Concern” – The Nels Cline Singers
"Sand on Sand" - Mouthus
"Smiling Penguins" - Steffen Basho-Junghans
"Section I" - Steve Reich
"new years eve" - Ekkehard Ehlers + Stephan Mathieu
"It Kills" - Stephen Malkmus
"Ass Hole, I'm Not Your Baby" - Hang on the Box
"Ring The Alarm Quick" - Buju Banton / Tenor Saw

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